Blue Nail 2020

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Ajankohta 20.2.2020 - 23.2.2020
Aika 9.00 - 16.00
Kesto 4
Kertausharjoitus-vuorokaudet 0
Ilmoittautumisaika 6.1.2020 8.00 - 20.2.2020 23.00


The object of the exercise is to build the participants’ knowledge and skills within their function. This is for the individual soldier, the leader as well as for staff functions. There is also the opportunity of educating and training the individual soldier in a secondary function, or in a certain area in which the individual wants to test him- or herself.
Individual military skills, command and control, orders, logistic support, signal communications, public information and press policies will be exercised. All subjects can be trained. ​
The exercise also gives the well trained soldier the opportunity to be trained in an environment that requires extra physical shape and stamina of the soldier

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This is for the individual soldier, the leader as well as for staff functions.


Entry and enrollment
* Entry of teams no later than Feb. 1st 2019 by email ​
* To enter as enemy forces, email your contact information to Nicolaj Hejl at ​
There is a maximum limit on number of participants for this purpose. ​
* Command Central personnel – Post assistant etc. – sign up with Bjarne Andresen at ​
* Remember to get permission to enter Denmark as military personnel through your own unit.​

Equipment: ​
* The teams are recommended to bring a cell phone for emergency use. The cell phone must be stowed away and may only be used in an emergency ​
* The teams may not bring or use any type of GPS devices or night vision equipment (optical sights are allowed) ​
* Any items the team brings with them will have to be carried by the team all the way. It is our experience that shelter equipment, dry clothes and clothes for water passage is necessary for the team to complete the exercise ​
* During the entire exercise it is mandatory to use protective eyewear, and each participant must bring their own ​
*All participants must have their military ID card with them at all times. ​


3. Dates and times  Enrollment begins Friday at 17:30 (foreign teams and other teams that have an agreement with the Exercise Control Team to borrow weapons, must be present no later than 15:00)  Briefing of all participants/teams at approx. 19:00  Exercise overview 1. STARTEX Friday at 20:00 all posts opens 2. Saturday at 07:30 the posts close and the participating teams lay over the day in the field (enemy forces will be active and will attempt to catch the participants) 3. Saturday at 18:00 the posts re-open 4. ENDEX at 08:00 Sunday morning 5. At 09:00 breakfast is served for all 6. At approx. 09:30 winners are announced and awarded



The exercise will be held within the HDSEJ area of responsibility. Mee ting point will be sent to


Kurssinjohtaja Mikko Sippola

Aarne Kumpulainen